AnswerFeed – The FriendFeed version of Yahoo! Answers

One of Yahoo!’s gems is Yahoo! Answers, the wonderful service where Yahoo! users help answer your general questions. It’s a great service, but the community is young and sometimes not exactly who you want to answer your questions.

I’m a spur-of-the-moment type person, And I’m a FriendFeed lover. So while I was stuck without wireless internet for most of the day, I thought about all of this. The result is AnswerFeed, a FriendFeed room with the simple mission of allowing FriendFeed users to ask any question on any topic and get some answers (and some of that fun-loving FriendFeeder debate). The goal is to have the same type of help you receive from Yahoo! Answers, but from the more trustworthy FriendFeed community.

This is also an opportunity to do some research and learn about the possibilities and limitations of Q&A within the FriendFeed interface. Does the comment format spurn more discussion than the Yahoo! Answers interface? Does having AnswerFeed appear in your feeds make you more likely to answer questions?

I’m going to watch the room as it grows. After 5 minutes, it already had 8 members and I hope it will grow ever larger to facilitate Q&A and discussion.

Oh, and if you are interested in being a moderator of the AnswerFeed room, drop me a line at my AIM (YGRPG).

Update – 10 hours in, 48 members