AtomKeep – Because it's Badass to Update Your LinkedIn, Yelp, & Facebook Profiles All At Once

The Hacker News community is a gem among the vast Internet sea. You will always find interesting companies and interesting stories at the YCombinator-owned website. A few days ago, a member asked the community to rate his start up. That start-up is AtomKeep, a very intriguing service that you should be aware of.

AtomKeep has a very simple function – allow you to update your online profiles all at one place. Your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook profiles can all be adjusted from this website. Your work history, your personal info, your favorite movies, all of it.

I immediately had to try it out.

The first thing to do is to sync your other Internet profiles to AtomKeep. When you first sync accounts, you can immediately import your info from Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to fill in your overall AtomKeep profile, another smart timesaver by its creators. Afterwards, you can simply edit your AtomKeep profile and then sync it, thus updating all of your user profiles.

Really I’ve explained everything about the service, so let me simply give you the pros and cons of the service as it stands today.


  • Simple, clean, and fast-loading interface
  • Easy to fill in your AtomKeep profile with your Facebook/Linkedin/Yelp Profile
  • Confirms that it updated your info and gives you warnings of failures
  • Very few clicks to update a profile
  • A Time Saver


  • Needs better instructions for new users, especially ones
  • Broke my Twitter profile
  • Failed to update my Yelp profile
  • I’m skeptical about a business model

Overall, it’s an incredible new service that will only continue to improve. One of its founders has stated that compatibility with Digg and Google Profiles are in the works and, even more ambitious, a plan to add any site yourself. That’s a bit ambitious, though. They need to focus on getting the key services compatible before working on such a grand project.

There are many questions and issues that remain – the business model, whether this has any value to people who don’t use 20 different online services like I do, keeping up with the profile changes of these major services – but AtomKeep has certainly caught my attention.

– Ben