Social Poster – Send a page to 80 social media sites, but is it actually effective?

Through FriendFeed, I found out about Social Poster, a tool that allows you to send a web page to 80+ social media websites. Thanks to SocialWebTools too for informing me about this. Note: It’s a tool that’s been around for a while. I’m a bit shocked that I hadn’t heard about it before, though I have heard of others (including $150+ software) that does this sort of thing.

Basically, with one or two clicks and some typing, you can send a link to Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Blogger, Technorati, and all of the other social media websites (including several I have NEVER heard of) in one swift motion.

After finding this, I had two immediate thoughts –

  • 1) Does this actually work at spreading a webpage?
  • 2) This is a new era in social media spam.

80 sites at once? Damn that saves a lot of time, but there’s also insanity involved in it. D I had a few questions when I tried it out – Does it actually get people to visit a webpage, or does it just die like most submissions on social media websites?What accounts do they use at these social website to submit articles? Do they have multiple ones? Are those accounts marked as spam?

The bigger thought, though, was the effect of this tool on social media spam. Spam is relatively quiet on most social services – Twitter has spammers, but you have to subscribe to them to get most of the spam. FriendFeed also has great spam controls and now has the ability to block users. Even MySpace is fighting back with some recent success against spammers.

But this could create a flood of crap submissions everywhere. Maybe they won’t ever get to the front page of Digg, but they’ll clog up tons of services with Viagra ads if the spammers get social media-saavy.

Here’s another possibility – Your detractors could submit EVERYTHING on your site and make people simply hate it because of how far it gets spammed.

I had a friend submit something of mine (I’m not saying whether it’s an article or even if it’s on this site) to test this internet tool for two reasons.

  • I can actually track the results and statistics of the effectiveness of this tool.
  • It brings more traffic.

Yes, a bit low, but for the purposes of this research project, I needed to be able to track the traffic and referral links and see whether it was actually effective, so I had to own the content

Immediately though, we realized that this tool isn’t effective, because it only creates the text and information for you. It does not create the accounts and it does not automatically submit, it just makes it easier. Apparently, you need to pay for their related $150 software to do that. And I’m not about to give them any kind of money.
When I do find a tool that does that that’s free, I’ll test it out and tell you about it.
– Ben