Six Useful FriendFeed Rooms – Don't you want to be more productive?

Image:Friendfeed.pngFriendFeed rooms have been a major hit on the lifestream aggregate service, but being part of too many rooms just adds to the noise. If you want to focus, choose FriendFeed rooms that have the ability to help your productivity or even land you a job. Thus below are six rooms I believe are hugely beneficial for productivity.

1) Invites Invites is a room for sharing and exchanging invites for new Web 2.0 services, services that are simply private, or ones inextended beta. Socialthing, jaiku, are all traded on a daily basis. Even if you aren’t looking to add to the services you use, it’s a great place to track emerging companies and trends. Learn about new services before they become hot and prosper.

2) ProBlogger Room Regardless of whether or not you read ProBlogger, the community within the ProBlogger room is great for those who have questions about blogging. Want to know about WordPress themes, advertising, user or user experience? The ProBlogger Room is a great place to start.

3) AnswerFeed I am biased as I am AnswerFeed’s administrator (anyone want to join me in that role?), but AnswerFeed is a great place to get insight on any topic that you have questions about. Need opinions on computer monitors, finding jobs online, or even hacking and code? You can leave your question in AnswerFeed and expect answers and even a conversation around the topic.

4) LinkedIn This room is not just about LinkedIn as a service, but about your professional profiles and optimizing them. You can post your profile and have members of the room give their opinions and advice on it. It’s also a great place for some networking.

5) All Things Productivity This room is exactly as the title states – about articles and discussions related to improving your productivity. This room isn’t as active as some other rooms, but there is some incredible content and links to great articles that will help you work faster and work happier.

6) Web 2.0 Jobs Finally, I have saved the best for last. Web 2.0 Jobs, created by Andrew Wise, is about helping recruiters, businesses, and job seekers get together in a Web 2.0 setting to find jobs in the Web 2.0 world. People have found jobs on the board and that trend will probably continue. If you’re looking for a unique job in social media or with tech start-ups, I suggest taking a stroll through the Web 2.0 board.

Do you have any other rooms to add to this list? Then add them to the comments (or comment on FriendFeed – Your comments there will appear on this blog as well!)

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