The Goal of my upcoming blog TechThrill: Make technology easier and more useful.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has visited my article on the things Google would do if it bought Digg. It’s been an incredible response (over 2100 Diggs as of this post) and I’m honored you think so highly of my article.

I want to keep everyone up-to-date on my blog happenings. As I have hinted on both Twitter and FriendFeed, I am building a new blog to replace It’s going to be called TechThrill and it is in the early stages of being built.

The blog’s goal is to make the internet technology you use more useful and more accessible to the average person. To that end, here are some of the features of the TechThrill blog:

  • A live, weekly web TV show co-hosted by Matt Schlicht and me, that will focus on Internet trends and internet technology
  • A daily round-up of the most useful posts and discussions related to technology and productivity on the web
  • “Centers” that will house and link to the most useful third party apps for websites such as Twitter and FriendFeed.
  • Bi-weekly articles on making existing technologies more useful
  • Reviews of new technologies and whether or not they’re worth your time to adopt
  • Question answering posts and sessions by multiple authors answering the questions that plague most people about technology.
  • The Internet Tools Wiki, which will expand in scope and strength.
  • A new, multifaceted, and entertaining approach to technology.

It’s not going to be just a blog, but a center for technology information and technology development. I’m looking for help in executing my goal, so if you are interested in writing or are just interested in learning about the blog when it launches, subscribe to my RSS feed or keep in the loop by adding me to Twitter, FriendFeed, or the other services I have put in the left-hand side of the site. You are also welcome to IM me at my AOL IM: YGRPG.

– Ben