THIRST: An Incredible Presentation on the Impending Water Crisis

I’m going to go a little off topic, but I felt compelled to post this. My friend Jeff Brenman created this incredibly visual presentation on our water crisis. We worry about energy and oil, but the most vital resource to life is dwindling down at the same time.

Take a look. I’ve got some notes on effective presentations below.

Some things to learn from his presentation:

  • Don’t overwhelm your audience with text. People can only process so much – be sure to keep your slides short and simple
  • Always use visuals! Visuals add to the experience and understanding of any presentation. People remember Jeff’s presentations because of the emotions they evoke and their simple, clear message.
  • But visuals are only effective if they’re relevant. Don’t put an image in for its own sake – put it in because it adds or reinforces a key point.
  • Be consistent He uses the same font and keeps things like emphasis and imagery consistent. Too inconsistent and you lose your audience.
  • Pick a single message or theme and stick with it. The worst presentation is one that doesn’t lead to one clear and distinct conclusion or call to action.

There is a reason Jeff Brenman won The World’s Best Presentation Contest last year. And if you loved this presentation anywhere near as much as I did, vote up his submission for the 2008 World’s Best Presentation Contest