Priorities, Productivity, and Focus – Not Overextending Yourself

It’s been a while everyone, but I wanted to talk about why it’s been a while. Hopefully you’ll be able to gain something from this little insight.

I’ve been overextending myself.

Isn’t that always fun? Workaholics always like taking on more and more projects until they hit a point where they realize it’s dropping their productivity in the tank.

So I have taken a brief reprieve and organized my work into tasks. If you don’t know, I have two jobs: My primary job as the Interactive Content Manager for and my second job as a writer for In addition, I’m working on two business ideas (TechThrill and another unnamed project), this blog, a novel, the GMAT (Business school exam), and…

Well, you get the idea at this point.

I’ve decided to put things to the side and blaze through different projects one-by-one and get thme done before I add anymore or progress on anymore. I will still be writing for Mashable, working to grow and improve Spine-Health, and occassionally writing practical and entrepreneurial posts on this blog, but I will be putting TechThrill, the GMAT, and my other business project on the backburner until I’ve got the novel done. It is a chapter or two away, but I need to tie it together.

Expect me to vanish for a week to finish writing it. Should be an interesting way to spend my vacation time. I’ll be sure to inform you all when I finish. The next post I write will be a summary about my fiction novel. I’d love to tell you all about Tarell Larant and the war-torn world of Desel.

In keeping with the spirit of my blog, though, here’s a few things you can do to make sure you keep your focus and productivity at their peaks:

  • Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! Setting up lists can seem like a chore or a time waster, but you must think in the long term. Knowing which tasks are most important in projects and in life overall will make your work flow easier.
  • Finish. My dad has a saying: Do what you say. If you commit to finishing a project, finish it before going on to the next task. 10 projects 10% done mean nothing compared to one project 100% done.
  • Stop multitasking when you need to focus. I have spoken about multitasking in a previous post, but it’s worth reiterating – you get more done with focus. Turn off your email, remove all distractions, and work diligently through task after task. By getting distracting you lose your train of thought and focus at what you’re trying to do
  • Know your limits and set expectations by those. You can accept every project thrown at you, but if you know you can’t put your heart into each and every one, you’re doing your team, clients, and friends a disservice. We only have 24 hours in a day, and remember: you need to sleep, have a social life (yeah, seriously), and relax sometimes.
  • Do what you love. You’re simply going to focus better when you’re doing something you’re passionate about.