has finally overtaken in Google! Now, how did it Happen?

Celebration Time!

I am proud to say that when you search for Ben Parr in Google, this blog is now the top search result! When I first started this blog back in April, I stated several specific goals. One of them, chronicled in this early blog post, was this:

To beat Ben Parr the UK model in Google

For those of you who do not know about my one-sided rivalry, Ben Parr in the UK is an actor, model, and blackbelt. He has a famous dad (the singer of St. Elmo’s Fire), but none of that stopped me from declaring war on him and his top search ranking.

Now, 3,000+ diggs and hundreds of thousands of visitors later, has assumed the top spot in Google. And let me tell you, I am not going to relinquish my crown anytime soon.

Now this blog is about practical and entrepreneurial musings, so why should you care about this great achievement? You shouldn’t, unless I give you a few quick lessons about how it happened.

It’s about visitors, it’s about SEO, it’s about inbound links, and it’s about consistently updated, quality content (sounds a lot like, the great health website I work for). Here’s some events that I believe helped in the process. Hopefully you can use these tips to help improve your ranking in Google for your targeted keywords

  • 1) Google Pagerank of 4. When you start out with a new website, your pagerank in Google is a big, fat zero. That rank is a big factor in how highly search engines view you. I rose from 0 to 4 by having several articles hit high traffic and keywords.
  • 2) Over 3000 Diggs total. This blog has over 3000 diggs total and has hit the front page once, an article on Digg and Google that drove nearly 50,000 people in a single day to this blog. It’s got a PR of 3.
  • 3) Being linked from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a major referrer to this blog, mostly due to an article I wrote on the definition of social media (PR3). It’s used as a reference for the definition of social media on Wikipedia. Although Wikipedia uses nofollow tags for outbound links, the consistent traffic and secondary linking caused by wikipedia has resulted in a high traffic page. I hope to continue to be a positive source of information for Wikipedia as I write and blog.
  • 4) Good SEO and Clean code. Good link structure, title tags, and wordpress plugins have helped. Caching, fast loading speed, and a clean interface make sure people stay. Although this blog is not completely SEOified, it is a good and consistent model for driving traffic via Google.
  • 5) Constantly updated content. I try to blog every week, even if I am busier than hell. Rather than my website going down in the last few days (Ben Parr UK), my site stays updated and fresh with content people want to read. Without that, this blog means nothing.

So I hope you understand my enthusiasm and you use the lessons I’ve learned and put them towards improving the ranking of your blog or website. There is no magical formula that improves your site’s rankings. Seriously, it’s about hard work, good code, and people linking to you because they think you are a quality website.

– Ben