– The Redesign!

Moving across the country and Mashable have killed my blogging on, but still thousands of people are reading my posts. So, with my change of location, I thought I’d throw in a change of design.

So welcome to the new, the beginnings of a more social, more interactive The old design has been thrown out the window for this one.

Some of the new updates:

  • A completely new design: Thanks to a combination of my work and One Theme, I have a a new design. I have a new logo, new color scheme and a lot more space for widgets.
  • Faster website: This should deal with any load speed bugs of the past.
  • Navigation changes: You’ll notice that there is a new menu line – this is a quick nav to the topics I cover the most. On top of this, the menu is now on the right hand side, so that content is king. I also have two sidebars for more useful content.

Some of the things you can expect on this new website:

  • Integration with my Mashable Articles: There will be a cool widget with my most recent articles so that you can always see what I’m writing.
  • Integration with Tech&Beer and Engage Analytics: My two new projects are my tech show, Tech&Beer (more announcements soon, and my consulting firm Engage Analytics – updates from each will be pushed to
  • Social media streams: Since I can’t write as much (I will still write), I will help compensate by connecting to my social stream – my Google Reader shared items, my Twitter, my Facebook stream, and more will appear on the blog so you’re in the know about the best social media and entrepreneurship information.

What still has to be done:

  • Fixing bugs: The comments don’t appear in titles and there may be some IE6 issues.
  • Design tweaks: A slightly bigger font here, a slight color change there – nothing too revolutionary.
  • Old article formats: Some of the older articles didn’t take perfectly to the new design. I will deal with them as necessary.

Watch out for more changes and updates. In the meantime, please give me some feedback on what I should do next.

– Ben