Internet Entrepreneurship in 2009: Where's the Opportunity? [Presentation]

Back in February 2008 (Feb 3rd and Feb 12th), I have two talks at Northwestern University entitled “Internet Entrepreneurship in 2009: Where’s the Opportunity?”. One was at the Kellogg School of Business (I even wrote a blog post on making engaging slides based off the Kellogg slides).

The other, the one you see in the video above, was for Northwestern’s Business Institutions Program (BIP), which is actually my minor. I discuss a brief history of web innovation, the effects of the market crash on web entrepreneurship, and most of all, the upcoming trends in web business and how you can capitalize on them.

While the speech was back in February, the points in it are still relevant. Bootstrapping is still a pragmatic way to get a business off the ground. Mobile is still a hot platform. And most of all, you still can’t run a business by ignoring .

I’m sorry it took this long to get the presentation up, but I hope you thoroughly enjoy it. I’ve also embedded the slideset from this presentation below (it’s actually the Kellogg slideset, but they’re essentially the same).

P.S. – This is my style of presentation. No notes, minimalist slides, lots of interactivity. Oh, and I love presenting. So if you like it, and you think I should come speak your event or conference, you should definitely email me (ben [at] benparr [dot] com).