If You Have the Means, I Challenge You to Match My Donation to Fight Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease that is estimated to kill 10 million women over the next 25 years. That is something we can’t allow.

After writing about the “I Like It On” Facebook campaign to raise awareness about the isuses surrounding breast cancer, I committed to a commenter that I would make a donation of $100 to breast cancer research.

Today, I fulfill that promise, but I always like to take things a step further. So I challenge all of you, if you have the means, to match my donation to fight breast cancer:

If you decide to match my donation or make any contribution to breast cancer research this month (every little bit helps), please post your donation in the comments, I will add you to a list of donors that I’ll publish on my personal blog. You can also tweet your donation to me or post it on my Facebook wall or on my Facebook fan page.

Update: Well, my comments are broken. Until I fix them, tweet at me your donations. This blog needs an overhaul anyhow. 🙂