A Revolution Is…

About a year ago, my friend Amber Rae asked me to contribute to an ebook she was writing. It was about the “ah ha moment” — the “moment when everything clicks and you know precisely what to do next.”

Amber Rae collected a lot of those stories, and eventually she turned it into Revolution.is, a collection of “weekly stories from change-makers and culture-shapers who take initiative, trust their gut, and create revolutions in their work.” The blog already has a fantastic group of stories, and this week it published mine.

From my mini-essay:

“Before I became the Editor-at-Large of Mashable, I lived and worked in Chicago. In 2008 when I graduated from Northwestern University, I started working for a startup. A few months after taking the job, the company folded and I was left to fend for myself in the job market.

At about the same time my entrepreneurial mentor asked me to join him in building up and expanding a popular health website. Although I wasn’t specifically passionate about health, I was excited about joining my mentor in the task of growing the company. When he left the company a short while later, the excitement withered away.

The job was fine and I did a great job maintaining the website, but I started to realize that my “comfortable” job wasn’t testing my limits or cultivating my passions for entrepreneurship and technology. I knew that I had to make a change.

I didn’t have a singular “ah ha!” moment, but rather a series of thoughts and conversations that led to a decision.”

I highly encourage you to check Amber’s blog out, especially if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Image courtesy of Flickr, nhuisman