My First Article on Mashable

In case you haven’t been following my tweets for the last few days, I have written 1,998 posts on Mashable. Tomorrow, at Google I/O, I will almost certainly write post #2,000.

I wanted to mark the occasion by quoting my very first post on Mashable, “Are Social Media Jobs Here to Stay?” I wrote this article on August 4, 2008 — it was my first as a contributing writer, less than two months after I graduated from Northwestern.

From my first article:

“As more social media tools pop up and current ones expand, the need to respond and promote to a growing online community will only grow. Companies that simply ignore the blogs and social media risk huge public debacles and lost revenue (just ask Sony how bad it can get).

Even if the title changes, the role of the social media marketer or manager is not going anywhere. Building community, reaching out to potential customers, building stronger relationships, creating buzz – they are fundamental goals to every company. So long as people use social media to share their thoughts and their complaints, the need for people to fill social media jobs will continue to grow.

And the companies that fill those roles now will be ahead of the game.”

I’d just like to take this moment to gloat and say that I was right. 🙂