Talking About Facebook vs. Google+ on Bloomberg TV [VIDEO]

Earlier today, I made an appearance on Bloomberg West. I had a great conversation with my friend Emily Chang about Facebook video chat, Google+ hangouts, and what Google has to do to be competitive with the king of social networking. Check out the video and let me know how you think I did in the comments.
  • drewolanoff

    Nice work BP!

  • David Iwanow

    hmm… great interview but i question the overload of not being able to escape from Google notifications as they stalk your across Google+ and the limited invite system has never worked since Gmail…. was a big problem with wave as you had to wait for people you know to get invites and then you only had a limited number of invites so it grew too slowly to be interesting.

  • Carri Bugbee

    Great interview, Ben! 

    I have to question Google’s approach of requiring people to have public profiles or risk having them deleted. That may be fine for social-holics like us, but it seems woefully out of touch with the average person who doesn’t like writing his own bio and won’t go to the trouble of linking up a bunch of other networks. I don’t see how this could cause anything but ire and confusion among the general public that doesn’t read Mashable — or Google’s fine print.

    Circles seems to have more friending safeguards than Buzz did, but shoe-horning people into the open-all-the-time model seems like a recipe made for more congressional oversight. Once bitten, twice shy, as they say.

  • Brian A. Hernandez

    Ben, you’re so awesome. Great job, dude!

  • Brian A. Hernandez

    Ben, you’re so awesome. Great job, dude!

  • Bulk SMS Reseller

    @drewolanoff, Still With Google+,Thanks