Patience, Rationality and a Good Heart

“The key is patience, rationality, and making sure you remember most people are good-hearted.”

This is something I told a co-worker and friend nearly a year ago. She wrote it down and kept it with her. I’m deeply honored that I could have an impact on her life.

I wanted to share this note today in the hopes that it’ll help someone else. It certainly has helped me to take the time to reflect and to believe in the best in that humanity has to offer.

Update: There were some very thoughtful reactions to my quote on my Google+ page, and I wanted to share a few of them with all of you.

– “It is hard to remember that people who seem mean spirited are often trying hard to do the right thing. They may be even grieving they are treating us so badly. It’s probably not so much that they are eager to hurt us as they are to effect the outcome they think should in fact occur. That patience part you mention. Hooo boy that’s a tough one.” ~ Jesse Francis

– “I don’t actually buy that thing about most people being good-hearted, but I do try to remember that most people aren’t 100% evil, and that often when people behave or speak in a way that is hurtful to others, it’s as a result of them having been hurt themselves.” ~ Meirav Berale

– “‘People are not hurt by things, but by the view they take of things.’ No one is good-hearted; your judgment of people is good-hearted. No one is evil, except that your judgment of them is evil.” ~ John Castle