Talk Nerdy to Me, Lover (An Announcement)

I know a gal named Jen Friel. She’s dynamic, energetic and one of the happiest and most spontaneous people I know. She gave up having a home for a year, and she went on 103 OkCupid dates in nine months to study the science of attraction. And she blogged about every single one of her dates.

(You can read about them, if you’re brave enough.)

You see, Jen has a site called Talk Nerdy to Me, Lover (TNTML). It may not look like much (we’re in the process of a redesign), but the site has amassed a dedicated audience of young girls, social media nerds and curious onlookers. It has a slew of contributors talking about the intersection of life, sex, relationships and technology. And it has Jen, one of the most compelling people I have ever met.

For more than a year, she’s been able to live off the site and its sponsors, but now she wants to take it to the next level — to turn it into a brand that speaks honestly about the intersection of sex, technology and relationships. And a lot is happening to get that done.

I’m thrilled to announce that I am joining NerdsUnite Productions (the owner of Talk Nerdy to Me Lover) as a Senior Advisor. I’m not leaving Mashable — I’m as committed as ever to the cause — but I will also be immersing myself in the world of production as we work to to turn TNTML into a business and a bigger brand.

Jen and I (along with an incredibly brilliant and passionate team) are not only working on expanding the site, but on several related projects in television, media and more. I’m hoping that we’ll have more to announce early next year, but you can check out Jen’s announcement if you want some more info.

Technology has affected how we think of dating, sex, relationships and life, and that something that TNTML explores with unprecedented amounts of honesty and insight. I believe it opens up a huge opportunity. And most of all, I believe in Jen, a woman who is constantly underestimated but always gets it done.

We’re looking to build relationships with sponsors for Talk Nerdy to Me Lover, so if you’re interested (check out the video above for more), email us at And if you’re interested learning more about NerdsUnite Productions or becoming a contributor, reach out to us. We’re listening.

~ Ben