Baconlube: Because Some People Think Bacon and Sex Mix

This one comes straight out of my WTF archives.

Earlier today, I got an email pitch from J&D’s Foods, the company famous for Bacon Salt. (do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven’t tried it.)

The company takes an…unconventional approach to marketing. Beyond their heavy use of social media, they’ve also hosted Mayonnaise Wrestling and a Bacathlon. They also like creating novelty products to market their mainstream products, including Bacon Lip Balm and Mmmvelopes.

This one, though, takes the pork. From the press release:

“J&D’s baconlubeâ„¢ is water based, proudly Made in America and is the gold standard of meat flavored massage oils. baconlube is like the McRib of sex – it’s delicious, makes men crazy, is here for a limited time and is in short supply, so don’t miss out!”

The pictures they sent me (one is included above) are even more ridiculous though. At least they admit it in the P.S.S. of their email, where they say, “Don’t you judge us, we all knew it would end up here someday. And yeah, you’re right, we probably did go too far this time. Sorry mom.”

Dear God these people are marketing geniuses. But like hell if I’m going to bring bacon into the bedroom. Bacon is best served as an after-sex snack.