Gmail for iOS Adds Support for… Scribbles?! Yes, Scribbles

Google just launched a new update for Gmail for iOS, and it comes with a few useful features and one that makes me scratch my head, but could prove to be useful.

The list:

  • Custom signatures for mobile emails
  • Ability to set vacation autoresponders
  • Support for nested labels
  • More distinct notification sound

The big addition though is Scribbles. Yes, scribbles. It lets you sketch things in your head that are hard to express with words. In other words, your daughter can start sending you rainbow unicorn attachments in her emails. The feature seems to be most useful for the iPad version of the app.

I wonder how users will respond to it. I like the feature, though — I can see myself sending silly stuff to my friends in the near future.

Google says it’s working hard on the two features it REALLY needs to add: support for multiple accounts and banner notification support.