Smart Move: Yahoo’s New CEO Is the Complete Opposite of Carol Bartz

Scott Thompson, the President of eBay’s PayPal division, has just been named the new CEO of Yahoo.

Thompson, who was previously Yahoo’s CTO, has been a big reason why eBay and PayPal have done so well over the last few years. eBay’s value has gone up, thanks in large part to the rapid growth of its payments business. PayPal has doubled in both users (100+ million) and revenue ($4+ billion) since Scott took over.

On a personal note, Scott is a very likable and approachable guy. I’ve interviewed him several times over the course of my Mashable career, including the video interview I’ve embedded above (he was a good sport with my three “last questions”).

Yahooers will find it easy to like this guy. He also has a proven track record at building consumer-facing businesses. He does face a challenge switching from payments to media, though.

Bottom line: his unassuming, good-hearted nature is the perfect contrast to the bombastic, in-your-face management style of Carol Bartz.

Good luck, Scott.