My Thoughts on Apple’s ($130B) Stacks of Cash on CNBC

Apple has $130 billion in cash, and nobody can seem to agree what the tech titan should do with it. That’s the impression I got from Greenlight partner David Einhorn’s recent suggestions that Apple deliver more of that cash to shareholders. Of course, I had my own opinion on the matter, so I went on CNBC today to talk about it. Check out the video above, and let me know whether you think I’m in the right or the wrong.
Ben Parr on CNBC
  • christian perry

    I agree with you, Ben. More radically, Apple could reinvest its capital into state-of-the-art American manufacturing facilities, just as IBM and GE have done in recent years. Under the leadership of supply-chain-guru Tim Cook, this could help break a sad story of outsourcing and become one of Apple’s biggest innovations yet.

  • Peter Mullen

    Nice comments Ben! Vertical integration, own more of the supply chain, move away from Samsung. Perhaps fix the Foxconn problem as well.