Bay to Breakers, Through the Eyes of Google Glass

I decided to wear Google Glass to Bay to Breakers, San Francisco’s annual “What kind of ridiculous and/or slutty costume can I wear?” race/celebration. This is part of my month-long experiment to wear Google Glass as often and as long as possible to see A) how people react, B) how my habits change and C) whether I will like them enough to keep wearing them.

Quick thoughts:

  • I took a lot more photos and videos while wearing Glass. It was just… so easy to do.
  • I got asked by at least 20 strangers to try on the Glass. Some thought I was assholes for not letting them try it on (I only let friends try it on).
  • It is distracting having a camera on your head, no matter what anybody says. Maybe it becomes less distracting over time, but I felt compelled to take pictures.
  • The device’s battery lasted through most of the day with heavy photo and video use. I was surprised. The battery is still underwhelming, but it’s not as bad as I first thought.
  • Quality is good enough, but clearly not consumer ready. Just check out the video above to see the quality.
  • The sunglasses extension are your friend.

Now here are some photos from Glass: