Minecraft the Movie: Suggestions for Casting

So Warner Brothers, thrilled with the performance of The Lego Movie, is turning another blocky adventure into a movie — Minecraft! Yes, the popular indie building game is coming to the big screen with the help of Vertigo Entertainment and Lego Movie producer Roy Lee. I’m not sure what kind of script you can make out of Minecraft, but I immediately knew who I wanted to play some of my favorite characters from the game. These are simply suggestions, nothing more. But if I were casting for this movie….
Human (main character): Denzel Washington Villager: Ken Watanabe Creeper: Dennis Rodman Lava: Bradley Cooper Water: Jennifer Lawrence Bedrock: Sandra Bullock Wrecking ball: Miley Cyrus Stone block: Arnold Schwarzenegger Wool: Chewbacca Ice block: Ice T Diamond block: Kanye West Sponge: Spongebob Squarepants Iron Golem: Vin Diesel Obsidian: Zoe Saldana
I’m also okay with Dennis Rodman being Enderman, but only if there’s a cameo from Kim Jong Un. In all seriousness, The Lego Movie was a great success and a great movie, so if Vertigo brings the same approach to Minecraft, it could work. Weirder things have become movies, after all. Image courtesy of FunnyJunk