Ben’s Blogging Again…


I haven’t been blogging on for a while. I also haven’t sent out a new edition of The Tech Caucus in almost a year. It’s been bothering me, so I thought I’d explain and why you should expect a few — but not a ton — of blog posts in the near future.

Last May, I co-founded a company called Octane AI (The AI is short for artificial intelligence, not Allen or Al). Octane AI is marketing automation for messaging — we give you the tools to help you communicate with your customers over messaging apps like Facebook Messenger in an easy and effective manner. Our software helps you build up an audience on Messenger (via a chatbot) and run campaigns to engage those followers.

Octane AI's Mascot, Octie

Octane AI’s Mascot, Octie

In the last year, we’ve raised funding from General Catalyst, launched our platform, and helped thousands of businesses connect with consumers via Messenger. We were even featured in The New York Times! We’ve accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.

Now the Octane AI team consists of 15 very talented people across the world (we are a distributed/remote company) and growing all the time. It’s hard to blog when you have a startup and especially when you have a team to manage. There’s a lot I want to write about, and I hope I get the chance to write all the pieces in my backlog, but there is always something to do when you have a startup.

With that said, I’m making a more concerted effort to write more posts and articles — not just for, but for Medium and my column at Inc. Example: You’ll see an announcement on from me on my Medium in the next two weeks (stay tuned!). A lot of these posts will be shorter and less-refined. They’ll be my thoughts on everything from startups to film to philosophy. I just need to write more, again.

If you want to keep up with the latest on me and Octane AI, follow me on Messenger. I send out the most important things I’m working on via my bot. Definitely It also dives deeper into the research I conducted for my book Captivology. If you’re interested in my company, follow Octane AI on Messenger. The latest from my company comes via our bot, of course!

I’m also still occasionally speaking as well, though far less than I used to. Contact me or the Worldwide Speakers Group for speaking inquiries. And of course, if you’re interested in using Octane AI, send me a message.

Thanks again for your support on this journey.
~ Ben