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Money Doesn’t Matter. Time Does.

Money can be earned
Time can only be spent once
Be wise with your time

To a happy and prosperous 2012.

Image courtesy of Flickr, bethan

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January 18: Let’s Stop SOPA By Focusing Our Efforts on Congress

In the last two days, a tidal wave of SOPA opponents have come out of the woodwork and found their targets: the companies officially supporting the act.

Ever since Congress released a list of corporations

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The #1 Rule of Choosing Investors for Your Startup

Finding investors for your startup is tough business, but choosing the ones that will enable your company and your product to change the world is a far greater challenge.

There are lots of reasons

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Touring the Streets of Paris on a Scooter [VIDEO]

This is what happens when you are partying in Paris — random people give you tours of the city on their scooters.

(Actually, it’s my friend Michelle

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Expanding on Your Product Ideas, or Why I Always Keep a Sketchpad Handy


One of the things I’ve found myself carrying around these days is a sketchpad.

The reason is simple: I have a lot of ideas, for both the companies I advise and for my own startup ideas. I’m

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Why Women Are Failing at Salary Negotiations

Women are still paid far less than men on average. Women make approximately 0.77 cents to every dollar a man makes, according to Time Magazine.

There are a lot of contributing factors to this problem,

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The Founders Take Lil Wayne Out Skating (and I’m Jealous)

As some of you may know, I’m an advisor to, a startup founded by my longtime friends Matt

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This Is Why I Do What I Do

After my announcement this week, I received a flood emails. It was a humbling experience having so many people reach out to me with well wishes and support. Thank you, all.

One email stood out amongst

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2,446 Articles Later, A Goodbye to Mashable

Dear friends, family, colleagues and supporters,

Friday, November 18, was my last day at Mashable. I want to thank the Mashable team for 3+ amazing years. They truly have been the best years of

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The List of Buzzwords You Should Never Use In a Pitch

I get several hundred pitches in the course of a typical day. It’s part of the job — startups, PR agencies and big tech companies pitch us on their products, and we decide which ones

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