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Photostream: Moving Across the Country

The widget below is a live stream of all of the pictures taken on my iPhone while moving across the country. You can also follow the stream by following Twitter

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Moving to San Fran: Tweeting the Cross-Country Photostream

Hey everyone, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, thus my updates have been even less frequent than usual. Normally I like to make my blog more about how to make you more productive as an

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The Benefits of Thinking of Yourself as a Business

Finances, organization, and priorities are simply a necessity in life. Without them, it’s impossible for society to function because work will never get done and the most important tasks

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The Rise of the Freemium Business Model

During the Dot Com Bubble, the most popular business model was spend like hell to drive growth and buy million dollar Super Bowl ads. The focus was not on business models. After the

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12 Rules For Making Engaging Slides and Engaging Presentations

Creating powerpoints is a task most people tend to dread. Hell, most people don’t like powerpoint slides when they’re viewing a presentation. They are stuffed with boring bullet points,

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5 Tips for Successfully Writing a Novel (Video)

Thank you to all of my friends on your support and congratulations! If you didn’t hear, I finally finished my novel yesterday, and I wanted to share some lessons from the experience.

I decided

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