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Business Cards 2.0 – The Pros and Cons of a Customized Card

I’m sorry I am not able to give you a far more exciting update today. My next post will be about my upcoming Facebook Reconnection Experiment, so I hope you watch out for that article.

In the

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My Thoughts on the Revolt Against the Facebook Redesign (from the guy who started the first revolt)

It’s shocking how much things can change in two years.

Two years ago, Facebook launched a feature called News Feed, which allows you to see what you’re friends are up to without having

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Ten Things I've Learned Since I Became Phoneless

For those of you who haven’t been following my Twitter updates (shame on you!), you’ll know that I’ve been phoneless since Sunday. My

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Seven Things People Do That Kill Presentations

I gave a talk last week at the SocialDevCamp last Saturday on Social Media for business. I also had the opportunity to watch many presentations,

read more Stats – See the Digg Effect in Action!

Before I get to this awesome post, I wanted to link you all to my very first article at (ranked as the #9 blog by Technorati).

Are Social Media Jobs Here to Stay?

Now with that out of the

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Focused vs. Unfocused Multitasking: When Multitasking Makes You Smarter and When It Interferes

I will admit: I am a prolific multitasker. There’s usually no less than 25 tabs open in my Firefox, along with my IM, FTP, ScribeFire software, Word, iTunes, etc. open. This is in addition to

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What Roller Coasters Can Teach You About Twitter and Social Media

Yesterday, I took a break from computer screens, social media conversations, and blogging to visit Six Flags Great America with friends. Never forget to take a break from your work.

I don’t

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Does Blogging help make you a better overall Writer?

Hold onto your obvious judgment for a moment while I explain what I’m talking about.

So as many of you know, I’m not only a blogger, but also an author. I’m nearing the end of

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7 Things Google should (and probably would) do if it buys Digg

Update: Amazing response. Subscribe if you want more and watch for my new blog, TechThrill.
Not even

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A Mini-Case Study: How to spice up your business card and Get Noticed

Yesterday, I was an attendee at the 2008 Chicago TECHCocktail Conference. It was an amazing conference with some amazing

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