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So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurship in 2012 [VIDEO]

Entrepreneurship is blossoming all over the world, but it faces significant threats from an unstable international economy and the rise of ideas that don’t push the envelope far enough. What should

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The Real World vs. The Cyber World

The rapid rise of the web has created two parallel yet distinct worlds in the physical and digital realms, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt claims.

Schmidt took the stage at LeWeb 2011 on

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Google Boosts Its Display Ad Mojo

The $400 million Google-Admeld deal has closed, giving Google even greater power and reach in the display ad business.

From the Google Blog:

“In June, we announced that we are acquiring Admeld,

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The Platform Is King

If you want to build a multi-billion dollar business, you can’t just build a product: you need to build a platform.

That was my major takeaway from the news that

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Here Comes the Facebook IPO, Right On Schedule

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook’s IPO will drop between April and June of 2012. The company could potentially raise $10 billion with a valuation north of $100 billion,

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Groupon Is Now Worth Less Than $10 Billion

It just won’t stop dropping.

Groupon, which at one point traded for more than $26 a share, has dropped to $15.24 and continues to drop in after-hours trading. That’s nearly 25% down

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Understanding Mark Pincus and Zynga’s Intense Data-Driven Culture

The New York Times published a great article this weekend on the “tough culture” within Zynga,

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Baconlube: Because Some People Think Bacon and Sex Mix

This one comes straight out of my WTF archives.

Earlier today, I got an email pitch from J&D’s Foods, the company famous for Bacon Salt. (do yourself a favor and check

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So @Hotmail Sent Me a Tweet…

It was in reference to my story on the new Gmail Preview Pane feature.

So, two thoughts here:

1) You caught my attention, Microsoft. Good job to your Hotmail social media team.

2) But even if you

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The Importance of a Strong Online Presence [The Zed Shaw Case]

Zed Shaw ImageToday I was reading through my usual news sources on the train when I stumbled across this article by Zed Shaw on Hacker News. Aptly titled

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