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The Seven Triggers of Captivation Marketing [VIDEOS]


I recently spoke with the entrepreneurs and students at Draper University about captivation marketing, specifically the captivation triggers that capture our attention. I talked to them about the

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Oversubscribed: A New Podcast on Media and Tech with Jason L. Baptiste and Me!

I’m thrilled to announce that my friend Jason L. Baptiste (author, The Ultralight Startup; Founder, Onswipe and Morsel) and I have

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No, I Will Not Write About Your Client on TechCrunch for $500 or Any Amount of Money

Every once in a while, I receive an email that makes me say “WTF” and “EWWWWWW” at the same f**king time. Today, I received one of those emails from Sarah H., a PR freelancer

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Some Thoughts on the Modern Media Landscape

I’ve been thinking a lot about media as an industry for the last few months, especially how it has changed since my time at Mashable and where the new generation of media entrepreneurs are

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Minecraft the Movie: Suggestions for Casting

So Warner Brothers, thrilled with the performance of The Lego Movie, is turning another blocky adventure into a movie —

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Announcing “Captivology”, My Book on the Science of Attention (HarperCollins/2015)

Dear friends, family, colleagues, and supporters,

I'm thrilled to announce my first non-fiction book, working title "Captivology: The Science of Capturing People's Attention", due in early 2015 from HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins.

I hope you will sign up for updates on Captivology through my book's website. You can follow @Captivology on Twitter or like Captivology on Facebook. You can also follow @BenParr for regular updates. And finally, here's a link for sharing this announcement.

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Tom Perkins on Bloomberg West [VIDEO]

Good job Emily Chang for a difficult interview. As for Tom Perkins… well, just remember that you can say crazy things on air too when your watch is worth a six pack of Rolexes.

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CNN Turns a Terrible Tragedy Into an Upworthy Headline

We’re all doomed.

(Seriously, CNN — you’re better than this.)

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The PandoDaily Problem: Why the AllThingsD Team Needs to Avoid Tech Investors


By early next year, two high-quality technology news publications are going to make their debut. And if the owners of these publications are smart, they will turn their backs on the tech investors

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What Will It Take For Us to Get Angry?

Occupy Wall Street 2011

Edward Snowden, The Guardian and The Washington Post know how to keep a story in the news.

Instead of dumping all of their leaked documents to the public, they are slowly releasing information on

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