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A Mini-Case Study: How to spice up your business card and Get Noticed

Yesterday, I was an attendee at the 2008 Chicago TECHCocktail Conference. It was an amazing conference with some amazing

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Blikis, and my need for a Wiki box for my Blog

According to Wikipedia, a bliki is a combination of the features of a wiki and a blog (duh. Oh, more names for it from

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9 Things to Know About the New Facebook Profile Redesign

Sometime in early June, Facebook will roll out its newly redesigned profiles. The clutter of 3rd party Facebook

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Blogging: Apparently it's good for your health, according to Scientific American.

Normally I talk about tech and entrepreneurial trends, but I couldn’t resist talking about this Scientific American

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3 Facebook Groups Web Entrepreneurs should join (Because they're useful)

There are very few entrepreneurial groups on Facebook that don’t offer something you can’t find on another website or are extensions

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The design & features of the next generation Social Network (Part 3)

Welcome to Part 3 of my 4 part series on the next generation of social networks. I’ve been talking a lot about social networks in the last week, so why stop now?

So now let’s get to

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Micro-hoo-book! has potential. But the (unlikely) combo reeks of disaster.


Tech rumors are always fun to follow. Today’s tech rumor is that Microsoft

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Six Ways to Protect and Enhance your Image on the Internet

(thanks to Mazy for his help on this article)

Just three or four years ago, a person could have successfully managed separate online and offline lives (and yes, separate reputations). There was

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The next generation of social networks, Part 2: The components of social networks and the potential of all that information

A few days ago, I wrote the first article in a series on the future of social networks. Last time,

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The next generation of Social Networks within "Web 3.0", Part 1