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Snapchat and the Logic of Turning Down $3 Billion

In July 2006, a two-year-old company received the offer

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My Thoughts on BlackBerry’s Dismal Future on CNBC [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that I am a bear on BlackBerry. Maybe that’s why we let the fireworks fly while on CNBC today.

On CNBC’s Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo, I fought with John Spallanzani

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The PandoDaily Problem: Why the AllThingsD Team Needs to Avoid Tech Investors


By early next year, two high-quality technology news publications are going to make their debut. And if the owners of these publications are smart, they will turn their backs on the tech investors

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Microsoft & Nokia Can Carve a Niche in Mobile, But Wearables Is the Next Battleground

Gates Watch

Microsoft + Nokia still has room to grow in the smartphone market, but perhaps the software giant should focus on the future of mobile: wearables.

Originally, I intended to write a thought piece

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The Tech Community Must Invest More In San Francisco

Several years ago, when Square was just eight people, I was invited by Jack Dorsey to his loft in SOMA to meet the team and get

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What Will It Take For Us to Get Angry?

Occupy Wall Street 2011

Edward Snowden, The Guardian and The Washington Post know how to keep a story in the news.

Instead of dumping all of their leaked documents to the public, they are slowly releasing information on

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Man of Steel Review: An Invincible Alien Gets Humanized

I have avoided spoilers in this review.

I was lucky enough to be at the San Francisco premiere of Man of Steel, Dan Snyder’s take on one of the world’s most iconic characters. Is

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NSA’s PRISM: This Isn’t Over, So Can We Please Breathe Before We Jump to Conclusions?


The dropped a bombshell last night — the government is spying on you! And it’s in cahoots with the world’s most popular Internet companies to do it!

If that isn’t a recipe

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Bay to Breakers, Through the Eyes of Google Glass

I decided to wear Google Glass to Bay to Breakers, San Francisco’s annual “What kind of ridiculous and/or slutty costume can I wear?” race/celebration. This is part of my month-long

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Is Apple’s Tim Cook on the Money with Changing U.S. Tax Laws? My Thoughts on CNBC [VIDEO]

Ben Parr on CNBC Apple

I dropped by CNBC this afternoon to discuss an issue that will dominate the headlines this week — a proposal by Apple CEO Tim Cook to simplify the tax laws regarding the repatriation of

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