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The Google+ Thanksgiving Day Ad

So Google aired an ad for Google+ today during the Packers-Detroit game. (side note: will someone please beat the Packers already?)

The G+ ad is part of a long line of TV ads Google has been running,

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2,446 Articles Later, A Goodbye to Mashable

Dear friends, family, colleagues and supporters,

Friday, November 18, was my last day at Mashable. I want to thank the Mashable team for 3+ amazing years. They truly have been the best years of

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Help Me Fight Prostate Cancer: Donate to My Moustache!

Talking About Tech Bubbles & More at the Dublin Web Summit [VIDEO]

The good people over at Dublin-based Websites Made Easy recorded and edited a talk I gave at the Dublin Web Summit in March. My talk, “The

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My First Article on Mashable

In case you haven’t been following my tweets for the last few days, I have written 1,998 posts on Mashable. Tomorrow, at Google I/O, I will almost certainly write post #2,000.

I wanted to mark

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Top 7 Reasons to Donate to the Summer of Social Good

This summer, Mashable (where I am editor) has been part of a major charity drive:

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NEW: Ben Parr's Posterous Experiment

If you’ve been following my Twitter account, you might have noticed some new links, pictures of

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The Importance of a Strong Online Presence [The Zed Shaw Case]

Zed Shaw ImageToday I was reading through my usual news sources on the train when I stumbled across this article by Zed Shaw on Hacker News. Aptly titled

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Using Social Media for Small Business and Nonprofits [Video]

I know, more video on! How did I find myself in front of all these cameras, anyway?

Last month, I was honored to be part of a panel for The

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Interview: Greg Grunberg of Heroes

Last week, I had the great pleasure of interviewing a tech entrepreneur and actor, Greg Grunberg, for a piece on Mashable: How Heroes Star Greg Grunberg Dominates Social Media.

The half-hour interview

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