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Iran Protests and the Media: My Appearance on CNN Live

On Tuesday, I was invited onto CNN Live to discuss how Iranians have been utilizing social media tools like Twitter and YouTube to communicate about

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Photostream: Moving Across the Country

The widget below is a live stream of all of the pictures taken on my iPhone while moving across the country. You can also follow the stream by following Twitter

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Announcements: Mashable, Tech&Beer, and Moving to the San Francisco Bay

I have several major announcements to make, many of which you have seen if you’ve been following my Facebook or my Twitter stream.

1. I have left Spine-health:

If you did not know, I was the Interactive

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What Should You Put Online To Get a Job?

There were a few interesting conversations yesterday and today on the role of “Internet presence” in the job hunt. Will a blog help you get a job? What about an online resume? Should

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Internet Celebrity: What the Hell Is it and How Do You Become One?

Internet celebrity is a unique, rather odd phenomenon. We as a culture (I’m talking U.S. here) have an almost unhealthy fascination with the latest

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The Facebook Reconnection Experiment: Can Social Media Really Reconnect You With Old Friends?

I love experimentation.

Bloggers sometimes have this problem where they make grand statements and predictions without hard data or experimentation to back their words up. Even a little data goes

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My Thoughts on the Revolt Against the Facebook Redesign (from the guy who started the first revolt)

It’s shocking how much things can change in two years.

Two years ago, Facebook launched a feature called News Feed, which allows you to see what you’re friends are up to without having

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The 15 Most Influential Social Media Websites (Mathematically Ranked)

Originally, I was going to write a blog post with simply my opinion of the most influential social media websites, but that didn’t seem very…objective. I mean, my personal opinion of the

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What Roller Coasters Can Teach You About Twitter and Social Media

Yesterday, I took a break from computer screens, social media conversations, and blogging to visit Six Flags Great America with friends. Never forget to take a break from your work.

I don’t

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FriendFeed Blog Comments – Challenging Disqus and all blog commenting

(update: FriendFeed comments work again. I think there’s a time delay.)

So if you scroll down (on individual posts), you’re going to find something new: FriendFeed comments

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