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The Rise of the Smart Assistant

Almost everybody wants to have an assistant, even if people won’t freely admit it. Who doesn’t want an extra set of hands to help out with chores, scheduling, reminders, meetings, reservations,

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Moving across the country and Mashable have killed my blogging on, but still thousands of people are reading my posts. So, with my

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What's a Problem You'd Like to See Someone Solve?

What a simple question, but one we don’t ask enough.

What’s a problem you’d like to see someone solve?

As you know, I have an entrepreneurial bent, so I love to figure out ways

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Why Bad Physical Health Can Hurt Mental Sharpness and Entrepreneurial Ambitions

I’m about to venture into somewhat treacherous waters, so feel free to yell and rant at me in the comments if you feel the need. But I am of a strong belief on this one, so I wanted to discuss

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Remember The Milk Synergies – Improving Your Task Management with Jott, Gmail, iPhones, and more

I love synergies in my products. I like it that I can take dates sent to my Gmail and copy them into my Google

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Blikis, and my need for a Wiki box for my Blog

According to Wikipedia, a bliki is a combination of the features of a wiki and a blog (duh. Oh, more names for it from

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