ORPG – Good Ol’ Times Contact List



Contact List:

    Ben Parr/Mystalic (formerly YoshiGenoRPG)

  • Email: ben@benparr.com
  • Other Contact Methods: Website; Facebook Profile; LinkedIn Profile
  • What he’s been up to: Since Matt’s and Mel’s ORPG, I’ve gone to college at Northwestern, do a lot of internet entrepreneurship, marketing, and management, play video games (though I avoid Online RPGs like the plague), and visit the LUElinks message boards.
  • Kevin Charlton (Big Moogle/Kenaf Pureblade)

  • Email: kevin.charlton@gmail.com
  • AIM: bigmoogle6
  • Other Contact Methods: Facebook Profile; MSN: bigmoogle@hotmail.com
  • What he’s been up to: Got my bachelor of science degree in Computer Science at Truman State University. Just started my career at Cerner Corp. in Kansas City, MO as a System Engineer. In college I was in Delta Chi (social) and Alpha Phi Omega (philanthropic) fraternities.


  • Mystalic
  • Meliadoul
  • Kazin Strife
  • Krelian Strife
  • Eliza/Eez
  • Orlandu
  • Matt Buscemi/Mattgamerr
  • Druzil
  • Big Moogle/Kenaf Pureblade

Not Found:

  • Beedrill51
  • Justin
  • Ness16
  • Moogle
  • Delita
  • Gogo
  • Xeno
  • Victor
  • Dragonmage
  • Kyle Darien
  • Korts