Recent Press

A selection of recent press for Ben Parr and Captivology:


Strategy+ Business Magazine: Captivology named best marketing book of 2015!

Captivology is the best marketing book of the year not only because it contains deep insights, but also because it is immensely enjoyable. I got the feeling that Parr wrote it mostly out of his fascination with the topic, and his enthusiasm shows.”

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By Ben

Inc: 6 Predictions for Alphabet and the New Google

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Wired UK: Fascinated by Celebrities? You Just Need More Friends

Recent Print Appearances

Harvard Business Review: 7 Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention

AdWeek: Author Ben Parr to Send Book Into Space

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USA Today: A Peek Into ‘Captivology’

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Financial Times: Review: ‘Captivology’ by Ben Parr

Upstart Business Journal: Attention, Please: Ben Parr on the Science of What Grabs Us

Business Insider: 7 scientifically proven ways to capture someone’s attention

Recent TV and Radio Appearances

ABC News: If You Wear This Coat, You Can Capture Anybody’s Attention

MSNBC: Captivating Your Customers

NBC Press:Here – Ben Parr, Captivology, Capturing Attention

Behind the Brand: Is Marketing More Art or science?