Neal Sales-Griffin, ASG President

NealIf you don’t know, I used to serve as a Senator for Northwestern’s student government (called ASG).  After two years of it, I “retired” because of the bureaucracy and  unhealthy amount of politics within the organization.  I did what I could to reform the place, but it has nowhere near the flexibility or respect of, say, the Stanford student government.  However, I’ve been  campaigning nonstop for the man who will be able to fix it, Neal Sales-Griffin.  I’m sure I’ll write a longer dedication to my friend and fellow entrepreneur, but for now, Congrats Neal on a successful campaign!



Now with my musing out of the way, a few things I’m doing in the next seven days.

  • Preparing for the launch of the FriendQuilt Facebook application.  I promise I will write more on this project soon.
  • Writing at least 25 pages of my novel.  I’ve recently overcome writer’s block and am on a mission to finish it two weeks from today.
  • Chat with people in the blogosphere about Buck the Slump, my (future) blog on the recession.  I firmly believe it’s something we need, and I want to launch on May 1st, but I need to do two things first: feasibility analysis and find a partner with greater Wall street and market experience.

That’s the rundown, I’m sure I’ll have a more comprehensive update soon.  Remember, this site’s still a newborn and I haven’t worked out the bugs on it yet, but thanks for checking it out and giving me input.

– Ben