3 Facebook Groups Web Entrepreneurs should join (Because they're useful)

There are very few entrepreneurial groups on Facebook that don’t offer something you can’t find on another website or are extensions of someone’s blogging. These three, however, peaked my interest because of the resources and discussions occurring in each of them and I highly encourage everyone to join them. Don’t forget to comment if you know of any other groups to add to this list!

  • 1) Web 2.0 (Entrepreneurs): This is the FIRST group you should join. Over 40,000 members collaborating on Entrepreneurship in the internet space. Officers of the group include Kevin Rose of Digg, blogger Michael Arrington, Slide and Paypal founder Max Levchin, and the list goes on. But it isn’t the people in it that makes this a useful group. It has links to early-stage funds and incubators, resources for new entrepreneurs, and discussions on Web 2.0 Entrepreneurship on the boards.
  • 2) Join a Startup: Now THIS is an interesting way to find and join a start-up company. Postings are up-to-date and relevant, and you have the option to sift through all of the comments and thoughts on most of the companies. If you are seeking someone to join your team, this isn’t a bad place, either, with 5000+ members and growing. Just be respectful. I suggest posting a video explaining your opportunity and introducing your workplace and some of your team.
  • 3) Young Entrepreneur’s Network: Argh, grammatical errors, but who cares! This group’s useful! it’s regularly updated and there’s a slew of young entrepreneurs and (hopeful) world changers to meet, connect with, and network. There’s also some interesting threads that will provoke some thought.