Blikis, and my need for a Wiki box for my Blog

According to Wikipedia, a bliki is a combination of the features of a wiki and a blog (duh. Oh, more names for it from Wikipedia: wikiLog, wog, wikiWeblog, wikiblog, bloki). It posts like a blog, but all of the articles are editable.

So why do I care about this? Because I’m looking for something to help me combine wiki functionality into this website. But not in the way I just described to you above.

I’m interested in creating a system where the top portion of a page or post is like a normal blog article, but right under it is a “wiki” section which anybody can edit. So the top portion is what I or guest writers post, and then the section just below that is editable by anyone and uses Wikipedia/Mediawiki syntax. This section would be above the comments.

My rationale? Well, I’m not about to give all of that away, but let’s say that I think having a section where the collaborative knowledge of the readers and users of different blogs to create succinct additions to article could be very useful in a variety of ways.

Anyone know of anything similar to this, preferably in WordPress plugin form? Or is anyone interested in working with me to build it if it doesn’t exist?