My Newest Project: – Launching May 5th

Since the collapse of Bear Stearns and even before, many of us have been bracing for an economic downturn or, more seriously, a recession. Let me not that we are NOT in a recession yet. It takes two quarters of negative growth, and we haven’t had that yet. But there’s no doubt the economy has slowed down and unless those tax rebates we got perform some miracles, we’re going to have to deal with the issue for a while. Single Post Page

This is why I am launching a new website and blog on Monday, May 5th, called Buck the Slump. It is a blog on the recession and how to better succeed within it. The side images are screenshots from the website. The first one is an article page; the second one is the job board, where people can search for jobs or submit them.

I encourage you to visit Buck the Slump’s About page and learn more about what the blog will cover. I have some help, though I will be the main writer. I am looking for guest writers and promotional help. The blog is about community, and it won’t succeed in its goal to provide support and analysis in regards to the economic downturn without it.

So I’m giving you a sneak peek now. Please, tell me what you think about the design, the layout, the topics, and any bugs or issues you find. I am going to be writing content all of this weekend for the launch while I juggle my other three major projects (Novel, FriendQuilt/FreeLunch, and the GMAT. Trust me, I’ve become a master of the art of the multitask).

Tell me your opinions on the project! I’ll be reaching out for help soon: I am going to make this successful, but I can’t (and don’t want to) do it alone.
– Ben