Using Live Streaming to Support the Troops – Michelle Malkin and In Action

I’m always happy when Internet and tech tools do more than help fill up a few hours of boredom (i.e. YouTube and StumbleUpon) or solve a problem that is only affecting early adopters or comfortable, Internet-saavy users (i.e. Twitter and yes, FriendFeed).

Starting at 4:00 Eastern/1:00 Pacific time today, is an 8 hour live stream called From the Front Lines with Michelle Malkin and Melanie Morgan. The goal is to raise enough money to send the largest care package ever sent to the troops.

Here is a link to the From the Front Lines show.

This is a wonderful display of how Web 2.0 technology is making a real and definite impact on the world. You can instantly reach tens of thousands of people to do something good for the world. is premier when it comes to live video content and you can expect them to be used for tons of major events as we move towards the net and away from TV (the big one coming up – they are the live streamers for the Republican National Convention. Don’t forget the many speeches they’ve streamed of Obama as well).

If you’re too lazy to click the link above, I’ve made it easier and embedded the event on my blog.

– Ben

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