The Facebook Reconnection Experiment: Can Social Media Really Reconnect You With Old Friends?

I love experimentation.

Bloggers sometimes have this problem where they make grand statements and predictions without hard data or experimentation to back their words up. Even a little data goes a long way towards proving or disproving your point. Being scientific is usually a smart way to go about things.

One of my worst qualities is following up with people. I let my email grow wild and I lose touch with people I desperately don’t want to lose touch with. There’s people in my phone I haven’t called in over five years. Yeah, it’s bad.

Then I thought about Facebook, Twitter, and social networks: Isn’t this the point of social networking and social media? Then my scientific and techie nerves began to tingle – why not use these networks to reconnect with people? There’s everything from high school buddies to ex-girlfriends on my Facebook friend list, many of whom I’d like to keep in touch with. So how good is Facebook for initiating the conversation?

My intention over the next two months is to contact at least twenty people day until I’ve contacted all of my Facebook friends. For some, I will use the Facebook wall. For others, a private message. I will run a tally and run the data through a simple excel spreadsheet to figure out whether or not it’s a viable method of keeing in touch with people and reconnecting, as well as my general thoughts on it.

You’ll have the opportunity to see the results of the experiment on both the blog and on Mashable, where I will report most of the results.

Should be interesting. You’re welcome to follow the experiment by friending me on Facebook. Just make sure to put a note with “I want to follow the Facebook Experiment” or something of the sort so I know.

Wish me luck reconnecting with old friends and crazy foes.
– Ben