When You Need a Break, Always Turn to Shiba Inu Puppies.

Every once in a while, you need to pause from work, pick up a good book, and lay down on your couch. I know a lot of us have the impulse to work all the time, through weekends and through our lives, but even if work is the most enjoyable thing around, you need to take a break from it. Take a vacation, take up a new hobby, play with the kids (if you have them), learn a new language or skill (I try to always do this), or sleep some more.

And when you get really overworked, don’t forget to watch the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam. They won’t be on much longer, but damn they are so cute.

My last note: Organize your life better so you use less of your time on rote tasks and more of it on what really matters. Hire an intern or a virtual assistant if you have to. You’ll be surprised how much it pays off.

– Ben

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