So You Want to Learn Ruby & Ruby on Rails…

Whenever I get the chance, I’ve been studying up on my programming. I taught myself PHP long ago and took classes in C during college, but that knowledge has rusted. To get my knowledge back to a respectable level, I’m learning Python, and will hopefully move into Ruby/Rails and then Objective-C, since I’d like to write a couple iPhone app ideas I have in my head.

If you’re like me and you’re interested in picking up some development skills, then you’ll like this short video I stumbled across on Hacker News/Ontwik. It’s a very brief overview of some of the things you should be checking out if you really want to learn Ruby and the Rails framework.

Oh, and if any of you have any advice on what I should be reading/classes I should be taking in the SF Bay area/things I should be doing to get my programming back up to speed (Python especially), please let me know — I’d really appreciate it.