Reacting to Steve Jobs’s Resignation

Where were you when you learned about Steve Jobs resigning from his CEO role?

I wasn’t at my desk, blogging (otherwise I would have been the one to break the story). No, I was actually on ABC7 Live, the lifestyle show for the ABC Bay Area channel.

Actually, the resignation hit the wires during the middle of my interview, where I was discussing Facebook’s new privacy settings. The host, Lizzie Bermudez, shocked the hell out of me when she said asked me about it. Her producers told her through her earpiece in the middle of our segment.

Right after that, ABC asked me to go on air for their news program to react to resignation news. I’ve embedded that video below.

You have to keep on your toes in television, because you never know what is going to happen. My best wishes to Steve and to the Apple team as they go through this transition and Steve focuses on his personal issues.

Video below:

Update: Here’s my interview with Lizzie Bermudez.