Bringing the Digital Revolution to the Music Industry co-founders (and my former roommates) Matt Schlicht and Mazy Kazerooni just go a really nice feature in Forbes.

To build the next great tech start-up, some people start by studying engineering, while others may try for an MBA. But two precocious teenagers, Mazyar “Mazy” Kazerooni and Matt Schlicht, who were 17 and 19 respectively, elbowed their way in to work at a Silicon Valley start-up–without even living there. They then became social media advisers to top rap stars such as Lil Wayne, and have now founded their own start-up backed by $500,000 in angel and venture financing.

I just had to feature this. Nice job Matt and Mazy! Check out the story if you want to learn more about their story and the startup they’re working on. I think it’s a great product, but (disclosure) I sit on’s Board of Advisors, so I’m biased.

Image via Forbes. Nice one, guys!