Missing the Mark on Facebook & Apple

Let’s just say it: I got this one wrong.

Last month, I reported that Facebook was coming to the iPad on October 4, specifically at Apple iPhone 5 event. This was based on reliable sources who have given me correct intel for previous stories in the past. We were confident enough that we ran with it.

Of course, there was not a single mention of Facebook at yesterday’s event. We knew this could happen, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps Apple yanked Facebook from the event at the last minute (this is what TechCrunch is reporting). Perhaps our reporting was totally off-base (that’s what AllThingsD suggests).

We are talking to our own sources and may have a follow-up soon. I won’t speak about who may be in the right here until then.

In the end though, it doesn’t matter — the fact is that I got it wrong. And I believe in owning up to your mistakes. Exclusives and scoops are a tricky business. Sometimes you nail it and sometimes you miss the mark.

I’m sorry if I misled you. This is a mistake I will learn from. I will become better at what I do because of it.