Torch Parades, Fireworks and Bonfire Adventures in the UK

Fireworks, torches and giant bonfires: welcome to the English countryside.

I’m currently in England on business, but I decided to take a trip to the English countryside with Mashable’s lovely Global Director of Advertising Lauren Rubin. During our adventure, we decided to visit the village of Fletching in East Sussex, where the villagers decided to march through the streets with fireworks, light a giant bonfire and put on a spectacular fireworks show.

The event was part of a tradition put on by multiple villages in Sussox, Surrey and Kent — the Sussex Bonfire Societies.

From the Wikipedia page:

“The celebrations mark both Guy Fawkes Night and the burning of 17 Protestant martyrs in Lewes’ High Street from 1555 to 1557, during the reign of Mary Tudor.”

The video above shows the villagers marching down the road with their torches. The one below comes from the fireworks display they put on (a well-choreographed show, by the way).

I’ll be in London until Tuesday, where I will hop over to Munich before heading to Dublin for f.ounders and the Dublin Web Summit.