The Google+ Thanksgiving Day Ad

So Google aired an ad for Google+ today during the Packers-Detroit game. (side note: will someone please beat the Packers already?)

The G+ ad is part of a long line of TV ads Google has been running, mostly for Chrome and web-based products like YouTube. The structure of the ad is unique, though. It doesn’t clearly state what G+ actually is. Instead, it’s designed to be an introduction to Google+ so that, when Google explains it to the everyday consumer, they get it.

I agree with Andy Beal though: the ad will just confuse consumers. They probably tuned out as they were pounding that fourth beer with their families.

I’m really not sure what Google was trying to accomplish with this ad, but at least it’s trying to make G+ more relevant. You may have also noticed that Google’s Thanksgiving Day doodle included a G+ share button.

Clearly the search giant is getting much more aggressive introducing regular consumers to G+.