So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurship in 2012 [VIDEO]

Entrepreneurship is blossoming all over the world, but it faces significant threats from an unstable international economy and the rise of ideas that don’t push the envelope far enough. What should entrepreneurs be prepared to face in 2012?

Entrepreneurship in 2012 was the subject of a 17 minute presentation I delivered this year at the LeWeb Conference in Paris. During my talk, I discussed some of the big social, local and mobile trends that would play prominently in the next year. I also touched on the biggest problems that will face entrepreneurs in 2012 and concluded with my advice on how entrepreneurs can weather the stormy seas of startup life.

I left one more surprise for the end of my talk. When LeWeb and Seesmic founder Loic LeMeur came back on stage, he asked me about my plans post-Mashable, I told him that I am working on a startup… and I convinced him to invest right on stage!

(I think I’ve discovered a new strategy for pitching angel investors!)

While Mashable and the world of journalism have been the three best years of my life, entrepreneurship is in my DNA and I can no longer resist the calling. I’m still going to be writing and commentating, but I will be focusing my time on advising and consulting with entrepreneurial companies while we get our startup off the ground.

I hope to have more to announce regarding the startup sometime next year. Until then, if you want to chat about entrepreneurship, you can always find me at ben[at]benparr[dot]com. You can also send me an email at the same address if you liked my talk and are interested in having me speak about technology, entrepreneurship or media at your event.

~ Ben