Google Boosts Its Display Ad Mojo

The $400 million Google-Admeld deal has closed, giving Google even greater power and reach in the display ad business.

From the Google Blog:

“In June, we announced that we are acquiring Admeld, a New York-based company that helps large publishers (also known as the “sell-side” by people, like me, who live and breathe display advertising) maximize their revenues from online advertising. We’re pleased that the U.S. Department of Justice has today cleared this deal. We’ll close the acquisition in the coming days and then start the real work—building improved products and services that help our publisher partners to make more informed decisions across all their ad space, and to grow their revenues.”

Essentially, Google now controls one of the major systems advertisers use to choose where to place their ads. Expect the search giant to link AdMeld’s technology to DoubleClick, making Google an even bigger force in web advertising. With competition like AOL and Yahoo, it won’t be long until Google dominates display advertising, too.